Ludum Dare

Every few months I like to participate in the Ludum Dare! It’s a competition where you get 48 hours to create a game. I’ve been doing them since Ludum Dare #29. I Usually participate in the Compo, which means I have to create everything from scratch (code, music, graphics etc.). Game engines like Unity are allowed though.

Here are my favorite games I’ve created:

Pineshore Planet is a game created around the theme ‘a small world’ for Ludum Dare 38. It was highlighted on some gaming related websites and linked my game, generating way too much traffic and ended up overloading the host’s CPU usage. It is my 10th Ludum Dare game and ended up being #9 in the category fun! You can play it here.

Shape Assault was my 7th Ludum Dare game. It is a fast side scrolling shooter where the player changes shapes every kill they get. Every shape has his own abilities. The theme for this Ludum Dare was ‘shapeshift’. You can paly it here.

CavEscape, one of my first games ever. It was also the first time I joined in on the Ludum Dare, with the theme ‘beneath the surface’. Because of its difficulty the game was played quite a bit on YouTube!

Here are the other games I created for the Ludum Dare:

Santa’s little bin packer


Gun Growers

Medieval Alien Encounter

Pixel Tanks


Disconnect Worlds