I’m currently working as game developer for Jagaco, for about a year now. I’m responsible for the OpenGL implementation in the game engine we create and worked on, I worked on a procedural dungeon generator, a clicker game and various other projects. Here are the two projects I have spend the most time on.

Blokje Om

One of the projects we are working now is ‘Blokje Om‘. ‘Blokje Om’ is a virtual traffic training game aimed at a younger audience. With Blokje Om children can train how to safely participate in traffic while in a wheelchair or mobility scooter.

We started this game from the ground up, using the Unity game engine. This are some things that I worked on:

  • Player Movement
  • Editor extensions / debug tools
  • Pedestrian system
  • Mission system


An other project we are working on is Alpha. Alpha is a real-time simulation game set in various professional work environments. In this world players take on the role of a CISO (Chief Information Security Officer).

Some things I’ve worked on for this game are:

  • Performance optimizations
  • Arcade version of the game